Textpattern is tailor made for content publishers — whether you’re writing for a corporation or for your own blog. The first thing you see when you log into Textpattern allows you to Just Write.

Begin publishing in minutes and when you wish to alter the layout of your site, adjust the built-in tags to determine how content should be retrieved and displayed. You have complete control over both content and presentation, making Textpattern an incredibly simple and elegant CMS to use.

In addition:

  • Upload and organize images and files via your browser
  • Categorise your content any way you wish
  • Quickly convert plain text to valid XHTML with Textile
  • Offer clean URLs to help SEO and visitors
  • Take full control of date and time of articles
  • Accept comments on any article in your site — you control for how long
  • Set up unlimited site authors with varying privilege levels to collaborate with others on sites
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to a tailored assortment of web feeds
  • Take action with up-to-the-minute visitor/referrer logs

Check out the list of features or find out more ways Textpattern can help your content take centre stage.