Textpattern is lean and powerful, allowing complete control over your site layout. For those times when you wish to go beyond its default capabilities, you can quickly install any of hundreds of available plugins or create your own in PHP.

The standard plugin template means plugins are easy to write and document — there’s a even a plugin that allows plugins to be created and distributed if you prefer! And the vibrant community are there on the forum to help make your sites everything they can be.

Textpattern offers:

  • A lightweight yet powerful core
  • Code written in PHP & MySQL, which is easy to develop under
  • A very active development team on the forum
  • A dev team that write plugins
  • SVN development code for bleeding-edge functionality
  • The ability to make a name for yourself with your own plugin prefix
  • Consideration of well-crafted patch submissions for inclusion in the core

Don’t believe us? Find out what others are saying about Textpattern or check out the list of features.