Don’t take our word for it: this is what others are saying about Textpattern:

TXP appeals 'cos it is so flexible... it is hard to beat as an all-rounder.

I love the simplicity, speed and extensibility; clients love the ease of use and transparency in content editing. In a phrase - it just works.

I've never needed to do something that it couldn't do and it definitely has the friendliest community I've ever come across.

Only one person... said he preferred the way of blogging that he had with WP. But once he started using TXP, he changed his mind.

Someone on a newsgroup mentioned TXP. I said "WTF? Never heard of it", I came here, installed it, worked ever since and loved every minute of it.


I can't think of a problem I haven't been able to tackle with either TXP's built in features or a plugin.